Wednesday, December 26, 2012

~゚☆ the Christmas ☆゚~

...and Merry Christmas everybody and Seasonal Greetings and so on!

It has been a while, again.. So much things have happened again, too.. I for example moved again. I simply love my new place! My room has two windows with sea pond view, much space and a huge wardrobe. My new flatmate is also so nice! The full moving boxes will wait me there when my holiday ends....

I also were in the pikkujoulut (Christmas party) of our subject association, that was a start for my Christmas time this year. I had a work shift there, in the cloakroom, which was said that it is going to be a catastrophic place. but things ended happily and any jacket didn't get lost, hooray!

Dresscode: little black dress and Christmas hat (+ I had some jewelry too). Wc-picture lol_ Picture is taken after I got home from the party, my hair is already ruined :D I HAD so nice curls.. here's what you get when you don't realize that it would be better to take a picture right after doing your hair...

I went home to celebrate Christmas with my family. Things went quite traditionally, we visited the graveyard, ate, watched tv and got presents. Peaceful indeed... Maybe the best present I got was a Snö of sweden brace from mom or a shirt my sister gave me. Now that Christmas is nearly over all I wait is after-Christmas sales XD and after them I wait summer vacation. Things inside my head are so simple...

The gingerbread house (a village to be precise) which I made with my sisters. We will not touch gingerbreads for a while now XD btw, the motorcyclist riding over the bridge to Moominvalley is a self-image of my sister, she insisted on making one like that. :D

My "waiting for santa to come"-style. Coziness wins, my mothers woolly is just so comfortable and warm~~ and woolen stockings! I also had very fluffy hair, but no, in pictures it looks only like it's messy. Watching this picture I have been wondering why to take a picture with your crappy cell phone when you are real camera in your other hand.. Haha.

oh yeah pixels continuing

I think that I wont just laze around the rest of my holiday... I want to go out, it's so nice that weather will warm a bit and I can go out! I need excercises. This far I have mostly done the preparations for the Christmas - baking, cleaning and stuff. I have also read three random books, watched anime (Say I love you) and Kamen rider den o (which is like the best show ever XD I don't get how a show for children can be so good, maybe in Japan only). I have also tried to draw a lot.

The base. I tend to snuggle in the corner of the couch with all the essentials- my pencils, mp3, blanket and earmuffs (won't hear a thing from outside, only music.) Some random guy in progress.

..and (almost) ready. I think I need a bigger paper...

I have been thinking about making an account on deviantArt. I don't know how I haven't done it earlier.. Ò_ó? I will put a link somewhere here if I get it done...


Saturday, November 10, 2012

kelpaisiko monimutkainen järjestelmälukko

This is a pikapostaus.

Things have been so hectic! I haven't had time to write at all...
I have now moved and started my studies in university, it's over two months already. The first weeks were hard, long days at university, and I have been so tired that I dozed at lectures... Now I have to study a lot. -__- But I have met some awesome people here and the studies seems interesting (but VERY hard, I have to admit..)!

I decided to challenge myself. It was maybe a month ago, I was browsing tumblr, and came across some frickin' good art works (mainly made with computer though). I watched them full of jealousy and thought "Why I can't draw like that?". There were many works with gorgeous backgrounds and they made me want to draw one myself (as you may have noticed I mainly draw just people, nothing more). And then, just guess how it went! Without even realizing it, I decided to go the hard way, a background I came up with was a night time scenery above the city! Just think how hard it is, to draw all the light coming from below + the moon light from above, and try to get it look good and realistic too! I had desperate moments with that work, and I'm not very happy how it became... well, I'm still improving my skills on this area...

I'm sad that I don't have time for drawing now because of studies. It was so nice to be on a holiday and draw like every day! I want to draw, this is making me a bit irritated...

The last books of the jpn literature "challenge", read these ages ago... Just guess which book doesn't match with the others :D but Ring was a good book, shame that I can't find the second part anywhere, story was left quite open in the first book...

Time has passed and I have had these nails:


Saturday, August 11, 2012



...It's so cold!! I'm sad, I had to use a jacket when I went out, the summer can't be over yet!! I still haven't gone to a picnic or beach! Oh noooo!

Recently I have been interested in drawing cartoons again, and really drew some. I draw everything by hand using only black pen, though it would be nice to draw by computer too. I really like the contrast of black and white in cartoons!
I finally finished one story which I started when I was in junior high (I will not show it, it's a bit embarrassing since it's so simple, clichéd and melancholic love story... but it's so great because it's so bad XD) and continued the storyboard of one other story, which was supposed to be some kind of fantasy... The problem is that I don't know what the whole thing really is about (I have only planned the beginning and some other scenes), so I am in the same situation as the main character, who is wondering "what the hell is going on?" .. :D This is my first time using storyboard before drawing, but that doesn't mean that the plot would be very good.. I want to get rid of that story and start a new one! My weakness is that I don't want to plan a plot, I just want to draw it, and so they became very simple... but funny later. Because of that I ought to draw short stories, but that fantasy story is going to be very long...

I finally used my fabric markers! The original idea was to draw a picture on a white shirt, but I didn't find any suitable model so I decided to decorate a canvas bag instead. Those fabric markers were better than I thought, they seemed to be for children so I was little worried... Here is some pictures about the process:


I like to draw human skulls! Pääkallo is so nice word haha<3 I draw them as tattoos and prints for the people I draw, is so simple way to do "the cool/horror/pirate effect". XD If you could see more of my drawings than I show, you would spot (too) many skulls... There's one I found, some random dude holding death's head; "To be or not to be?"

This is another canvas bag I decorated when I was maybe fourteen, this is done by textile printing. Weird picture, some woman jumping into the unknown... I have just recently started to like it...

A late birthday present from my sisters, "a survival kit"....

... containing all kinds of useful things I might need when moving out home!

Simple, once again... lazines takes over

...I have been reading a lot this summer... as some have noticed, mostly books by Japanese authors. I had a mission of reading Japanese literature available in our local library, I thought that it would be a good way to get to know more about the culture and the people. I don't know if I am wiser now, but I have read many good books, so I can't say that my mission was a total failure..

If you want to read a different book, read Parfyymi (Perfume: The Story of a Murderer). I thought that it would be a boring detective story, but I was wrong. I found out that book very interesting.

...I guess that's all for this time,

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

let it fall


Some thoughts about Ilosaarirock (and Animecon). I had fun in Ilosaari though I knew that meanwhile the Animecon was in full swing. In the end I didn't really think about it at all when I was there, and instead I just had fun, talked with friends and new people and well, had fun, even though it was raining, weather was very chilly and afterwards I was very tired.

There was for example one guy who did card tricks, he changed the card in my hand without touching it O_O There must be some trick behind it, he probably just changed it when he put it on my hand, but yes, that was impressing. :D
I'm too lazy to translate this into English lol. Päästettiin joku tyyppi vessajonossa meidän edelle kun se näytti ihan siltä ja sanoi voivansa jopa maksaa, mutta ei ois kannattanut, se meinasi sammua sinne bajamajaan ja jouduttiin hakkaamaan sitä ovea ja hakemaan järjestyksenvalvojakin paikalle kun se oli  ollut siellä varmaan parikymmentä minuuttia ja taakse kertyi pitkä jono... Tarinan opetus: älä koskaan päästä humalaisia eteesi festarien vessajonossa :'''D

...I still wanted to go to Animecon, I hope that Animecon (or Nekocon) will come again at the time I am able to go there next year.

And I watched the whole series of Uraboku, that was good! It wasn't really the kind of anime I thought it would be, fortunately shonen ai was just a kind of extra bonus, not an end in itself. I could describe it more like fantasy anime. Uraboku was really addicting and beautiful, only thing that bothers me it's the end... I am not spoiling ;).  But there was some really good pairings and there was real chemistry between characters, which made the series very enjoyable. I think I am going to read the manga too and see the art of it...

Recently I have also been drawing, picking blueberries and baking a lot. I also watched randomly one chinese movie, Riding alone for thousands of miles. That was surprisingly good! Even my mother liked it. :D The main character of the movie was Japanese, so you hear as much Japanese as Chinese! I definitely recommend.

the first strawberrycake of this summer 

I found my old watercolour pencils and wanted to try them. I found also a piece of watercolour paper and draw this simple picture using normal brown coloured pencil, and then colored it with the watercolour pencils...

... used water and this is how it became! The whole atmosphere of the picture changed :D

...and the first cherrycake of this summer!

I washed my converses! After Ilosaari my favourite shoes were so dirty, (mud, grass and other stuff that I don't want even think about) so I had to wash them... I kept them in warm water for couple of hours and then scrubbed them clean with mäntysuopa! :D Now they look like a new shoes.

Tomorrow I'm going to go the Retretti Art Center (one of the largest art centers in the Nordic Countries)!

Now I'm going to put some laundry to dry,

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Avaruuden kieltäminen = pinta


It has happened a lot in recent weeks!

I for example celebrated my birthday. I turned 19 (so old already lol) and had a little birthday party. I got a cute handmade apron from a friend (among other things) ! I also got a birthday card from my Japanese friend, with whom I haven't been in contact for a long time, and that made me really happy. Somehow her cards have always been so gorgeous that I don't know if she picks the best cards or if all the cards in Japan looks so fantastic... 

My birthday look

Our family also took a holiday trip in Rovaniemi. We stayed at hotel, went to the artic circle and Arktikum, saw reindeer and did other things you do in Rovaniemi as a tourist. I and my sister also went shopping, and I bought jeans, accessories and a cute cardigan. We also went to the Korundi, which is a house of culture in the center of Rovaniemi. There was works by Reidar Särestöniemi and I liked his weird and colourful style a lot! Our trip in a nutshell by pictures:

Some other pictures from recent weeks:

usamimi wnb

I have been reading (interesting) books again.. As you can see that all of them are related to Japan :D  I liked The tale of Genji a lot, but it's so sad that only 1/3 of it has been translated in Finnish, and I can't find the English translation of it... That book by Endo was maybe the best which I have read from him this far, and that book by Kaori Ekuni was so good! I read only good books, haha.

I have also started to watch Uragiri wa boku no namae wo shitteiru. I fell in love with the coloured artworks of that manga. I saw them in a French magazine MadeinJapanplus, and that triggered my interest to watch that anime, though it is labelled as shonen ai, of which I am not really interested in as a genre... So far I have only been laughing at the cliches of Uraboku, but, in the end, it is very entertaining anime. And I have to say this, Luka is cool.

...I have been really irritated because Animecon and Ilosaarirock happened to be during the same weekend. Because of that I don't anyone to accompany me in the Animecon, I really wanted to go, though I am little afraid that cons aren't my thing anymore. So I am going to go only to Ilosaari.. Anyway, why hold two big events in the same part of  Finland at the same time? >:(


Friday, June 29, 2012

eat these mangoes


Since I have been listening anime music a lot  for the past few days, I decided to do this post containing some random manga-style characters.
( The desire to listen to anime music is really like a disease when it strikes, and for the top of that I have been listening only the cute ones, like the opening songs of Onegai!MyMelody, Sugar Sugar Rune, Chobits, Hamtaro and so on... D: )

As I said earlier, I nowadays don't draw mainly manga as I did when I was in the secondary school, but I draw it when I feel like it or want to draw something fast.

So here is some random sketches:

Some kind of warrior, going to space station, maybe?

This is old, -09. You can clearly see the influence of Toradora! and Azumanga..
( I know that it's じょがくせい, not じよがくせい like I wrote it..
I didn't know when I drew this :''D )


I wanted to draw the movement

"Vain pikkusielut piirtävät pieniä kuvia - only prigs draw small pictures"
(Muumeista, jakso Nipsu apumiehenä tai joku,  Myy sanoo
noin Vilijonkan lapsille.. :D Ihan paras)

Recent purchases:

Biiig cardigan! I bought this from a second hand shop thinking
about the upcoming autumn. I bought also a basic brown sweater there.

Men's sweater, from JC, discount -50%


Cute kitchen towels(?) to my new home and t-shirt markers.
I have already big plans for what I am going to do
with those markers :-D

I finally bought myself a camera, 550d (with the money I got as
a graduation present)!! Picture quality will improve lol-


New nails (simple again''), inspired by marshmallows

That's all for now,

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Mahdottoman Prosessin Mikroskooppinen Selitys


Recently I have been..

1) ...working. My summer job lasted only from Monday to Friday, but I had fun as an art camp assistant again! In the camp children made for example their own badges (theme was bugs), and I was allowed to do my own too!

my bug badge, I hate bugs :D

2)... watching movies. I don't often watch movies (or tv), but recently I watched 4:
Sucker Punch, Pokémon 10: Rise of Darkrai, Easy A and Summer Wars.  I can
recommend them all expect the Pokémon movie, it wasn't bad but it was.. well, a Pokémon movie. :D

I watched also the last two episodes of Japanese drama Hotaru no hikari. It was definitely that kind of drama which makes you want to shout to characters what they should do (when they're doing the opposite thing) while watching... :D I thought that I will watch Kimi ni todoke next..

3)... reading books. Since it's holiday I finally have time to read... I liked a lot of the book in the middle, Vilpittömästi sinun by Pekka Hiltunen, it was very interesting! Recently I have also read Dragonball a lot, it's such good a manga! 

4)... checking our wardrobes. From one wardrobe (where we keep old clothes) I found orange shorts! I had to narrow them a bit. I planned to do that myself, but when I asked one stupid question about the sewing machine my mother decided to do that for me :'''D (I can use it, really :D) But now their shape is like I wanted it to be! I'm very happy because I now got some colour to my "style", I own so many black and white clothes..
The shorts, high waist!

From my own wardrobe, I found some shirts, which I have bought at a reduced price but haven't used because they are quite big and didn't seem to match with any of my clothes.. So I decided to try them on again.

"Non violent tee", I bought this because I liked the colours

"Travelling at the speed of light - Travelling at the speed of sound" I loved the text

...I guess I will start to wear those. :D I found also my Hello Kitty kigurumi, I haven't used it after Animecon 2009.

I know you love pixels

5) ...doing other random stuff. I have tried to draw but it didn't feel good so I gave up, for a while.

It's soooo nice weather so I'm going out now!