Wednesday, July 25, 2012

let it fall


Some thoughts about Ilosaarirock (and Animecon). I had fun in Ilosaari though I knew that meanwhile the Animecon was in full swing. In the end I didn't really think about it at all when I was there, and instead I just had fun, talked with friends and new people and well, had fun, even though it was raining, weather was very chilly and afterwards I was very tired.

There was for example one guy who did card tricks, he changed the card in my hand without touching it O_O There must be some trick behind it, he probably just changed it when he put it on my hand, but yes, that was impressing. :D
I'm too lazy to translate this into English lol. Päästettiin joku tyyppi vessajonossa meidän edelle kun se näytti ihan siltä ja sanoi voivansa jopa maksaa, mutta ei ois kannattanut, se meinasi sammua sinne bajamajaan ja jouduttiin hakkaamaan sitä ovea ja hakemaan järjestyksenvalvojakin paikalle kun se oli  ollut siellä varmaan parikymmentä minuuttia ja taakse kertyi pitkä jono... Tarinan opetus: älä koskaan päästä humalaisia eteesi festarien vessajonossa :'''D

...I still wanted to go to Animecon, I hope that Animecon (or Nekocon) will come again at the time I am able to go there next year.

And I watched the whole series of Uraboku, that was good! It wasn't really the kind of anime I thought it would be, fortunately shonen ai was just a kind of extra bonus, not an end in itself. I could describe it more like fantasy anime. Uraboku was really addicting and beautiful, only thing that bothers me it's the end... I am not spoiling ;).  But there was some really good pairings and there was real chemistry between characters, which made the series very enjoyable. I think I am going to read the manga too and see the art of it...

Recently I have also been drawing, picking blueberries and baking a lot. I also watched randomly one chinese movie, Riding alone for thousands of miles. That was surprisingly good! Even my mother liked it. :D The main character of the movie was Japanese, so you hear as much Japanese as Chinese! I definitely recommend.

the first strawberrycake of this summer 

I found my old watercolour pencils and wanted to try them. I found also a piece of watercolour paper and draw this simple picture using normal brown coloured pencil, and then colored it with the watercolour pencils...

... used water and this is how it became! The whole atmosphere of the picture changed :D

...and the first cherrycake of this summer!

I washed my converses! After Ilosaari my favourite shoes were so dirty, (mud, grass and other stuff that I don't want even think about) so I had to wash them... I kept them in warm water for couple of hours and then scrubbed them clean with mäntysuopa! :D Now they look like a new shoes.

Tomorrow I'm going to go the Retretti Art Center (one of the largest art centers in the Nordic Countries)!

Now I'm going to put some laundry to dry,

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Avaruuden kieltäminen = pinta


It has happened a lot in recent weeks!

I for example celebrated my birthday. I turned 19 (so old already lol) and had a little birthday party. I got a cute handmade apron from a friend (among other things) ! I also got a birthday card from my Japanese friend, with whom I haven't been in contact for a long time, and that made me really happy. Somehow her cards have always been so gorgeous that I don't know if she picks the best cards or if all the cards in Japan looks so fantastic... 

My birthday look

Our family also took a holiday trip in Rovaniemi. We stayed at hotel, went to the artic circle and Arktikum, saw reindeer and did other things you do in Rovaniemi as a tourist. I and my sister also went shopping, and I bought jeans, accessories and a cute cardigan. We also went to the Korundi, which is a house of culture in the center of Rovaniemi. There was works by Reidar Särestöniemi and I liked his weird and colourful style a lot! Our trip in a nutshell by pictures:

Some other pictures from recent weeks:

usamimi wnb

I have been reading (interesting) books again.. As you can see that all of them are related to Japan :D  I liked The tale of Genji a lot, but it's so sad that only 1/3 of it has been translated in Finnish, and I can't find the English translation of it... That book by Endo was maybe the best which I have read from him this far, and that book by Kaori Ekuni was so good! I read only good books, haha.

I have also started to watch Uragiri wa boku no namae wo shitteiru. I fell in love with the coloured artworks of that manga. I saw them in a French magazine MadeinJapanplus, and that triggered my interest to watch that anime, though it is labelled as shonen ai, of which I am not really interested in as a genre... So far I have only been laughing at the cliches of Uraboku, but, in the end, it is very entertaining anime. And I have to say this, Luka is cool.

...I have been really irritated because Animecon and Ilosaarirock happened to be during the same weekend. Because of that I don't anyone to accompany me in the Animecon, I really wanted to go, though I am little afraid that cons aren't my thing anymore. So I am going to go only to Ilosaari.. Anyway, why hold two big events in the same part of  Finland at the same time? >:(