Sunday, March 10, 2013

Recent Days + Challenge

I'm so tired that it hurts my eyes, haha. I look like I have cried because of my red eyes, really beautiful indeed. I have been studying a lot, obviously...  -___- and instead writing this, I should be sleeping, so I can blame only myself. :D

...The sky has been so awesome lately.

 ...I have a hobby of watching clouds. I love especially the different shades of grey.
getting ready to the party, only overalls left!
So what I have been doing? We had a party celebrating our new student overalls (haalarit) with the people of our student association (each faculty or programme has overalls of their own colour, and the overalls are worn in student parties. It's a part of university culture in Finland and Sweden). Because of that party, I had motivation to put some effort for my nails too!

my poker  face nails

A week ago, we went to chinese restaurant. The food was so good ;___; It's good to eat out once in a while, even though it costs a lot.

My "going to Chinese restaurant"-look
the buffet, yum yum. ..doesn't look like it XD
A drawing in progress.. I actually finished this already, twice to be accurate, since I didn't like how it came out at first try. It's now a bit better, but I don't like it still. Somehow I can't like my new drawings anymore, maybe I compare myself too much to better drawers, and that way feel unsatisfied with my skills... don't ever wander to pixiv... I have still so much things to be improved.
But now I'm working on a bit different piece than my usual works. I am going to use perspective and only few colours. I'm a bit excited about it~ but exams are coming, boohoo, have to study.

I was given a challenge by my sweet friend Noora. Questions in both English and Finnish so it's easier to understand/ would be easier to copy them...
1. Kerro 11 asiaa itsestäsi
2. Vastaa haastajan 11 kysymykseen
3. Keksi 11 uutta kysymystä
4. Haasta 11 uutta bloggaajaa joilla on alle 200 lukijaa
5. Kerro kenet haastoit

1. Tell 11 things about yourself
2. Answer 11 questions by challenger
3. Set 11 new questions
4. Challenge 11 new bloggers who have less than 200 readers
5. Tell who did you challenge

1) Basics; I'm 19-years old girl from Finland, studying first year in university.

2) I love dreams. My dreams are always so entertaining, either I'm saving the world or there's something interesting real life related. I just love watching them, my subconscious is fun. It would be awesome if you could record your dreams and watch them again later, I'm waiting that kind of device to be invented. :D

3) I'm bad at expressing myself at times... verbally at least, I think sometimes it's easier to write.

4) I should go sleep now.

5) I have a bad self confidence. At times I really hate myself.

6) I want to be better, to improve myself in many things. I have huge motivation for drawing (you get better only if you do it a lot). I also want to know more, so I guess I'm on a right career track. I also want to be better looking, that's maybe the hardest part, but I think I can affect my looks by living healthy.

7) I have been into Japanese culture over 7 years now. First came manga, I was fascinated about those beautiful pictures. Then I started watching anime, and after that I found my big passion, Japanese music. In that path I have been since then.

8) I don't think that people really understand me... :)

9) I have always wanted to write a book. Not a boring scientific one, but fiction. As a kid I wrote many own stories, some of them were pretty good. I liked writing essays in school too. I enjoy writing very much, and I would really like to write...

10) I don't watch tv. I don't have one, but that's not why. I wouldn't watch it even if I had one.

11) After I started university, I have reduced my use of meat sharply. I haven't given up meat completely,  and I have no problem eating it. I eat meat for example at my parent's place, but I don't ever buy it myself.. My current diet is close to pescetarianism.

Haastajan kysymykset
Challenger's questions:

1.What would your dream house be like?
There would be lots of natural light, big windows with a view to lake/sea, cosy kitchen, library and rooms painted pastel colours.
2. Who is your favourite actor?
It depends pretty much on what I'm watching, but I have some long-lasting favourites. Seto Koji, Miura Haruma, Sato Takeru are good.
3. Do you believe in horoscopes?
In some way, yes. -hides- My horoscopes have been true several times, it may be just pure coincidence, and it's kind of creepy...
4. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you go?
Japan, United Kingdom, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, New Zealand. But I like Finland very much too, although winter is so long...
5. What's your hobby?
Drawing  has been my interest ever since I can remember, it's very important for me. I also like reading, baking and studying Japanese.
6. To whom do you tell your secrets?
To a mystery man Nobody♥ Would that be a secret if it's told?
7. Your favourite food?
Hmmm... Difficult question. Everything that tastes good I guess...
8. Your best memory from the grade school?
Hard, I can't really say... Playing with friends everyday!
9. What would you do if you won 10 million in the lottery?
I would travel, buy something I have always wanted, buy something for my family too, and donate.
10. How do we know each other?
I have known Noora since the grade school.
11.Your dreams?
A trip to Japan, money and better self confidence.

Uudet kysymykset:
The new questions:

1. Lempiblogisi?
Your favourite blogs?

2. Lempimusiikkityylisi ja -artistisi?
Your favourite music genre and artist?

3.  Miksi ryhdyit kirjoittamaan blogia?
Why did you start writing a blog?

4. Mikä on tehnyt sinut onnelliseksi viime aikoina?
What has made you happy lately?

5.Jos saisit päivän ajan olla joku muu, kuka olisit?
If you could be someone else for a one day, who would you be?

6. Suurin unelmasi?
What is your biggest dream?

7. Lempielokuvasi/-näyttelijäsi?
Favorite movies/actors?

8. Oletko matkustanut ulkomaille, jos olet, minne?
Have you traveled abroad, if you have, where have you been?

9. Oudoin asia mitä olet ikinä tehnyt?
What's the weirdest thing you have ever done?

10. Mitkä ovat lempikirjasi?
Your favourite books?

11. Mitä pelkäät?
What are you afraid of?

I challenge:
+ 7 random people who wants to do this♥