Friday, April 12, 2013

Rolling on the floor


First the most important thing, I have to get over this or I can't think:

The GazettE @ the Circus, Helsinki 29.9.2013, and me too there. ;_____; waah I can't describe this feeling!image
I went through a various range of feelings that morning when ordering the tickets. A cold sweat, despair, panic, shiver, elevated pulse, blur thoughts, and to the top of it, that queuing system really was nerve wrecking! But all that was followed by the sweet euphoria.. Just guess did I get anything out from the lectures in that mood. -u-

Speaking about events, I actually applied for a volunteer worker aka vänkäri to Animecon X! Let's see if I get selected, it would be a whole new con experience! I'm pretty excited about that too!
I had my one-week Easter holiday (it was quite unexpected, I didn't know that I would have a holiday soon it just came before noticing O_o"). I spent it hanging around home, meeting friends, playing Ratchett & Clank etc.
I still have one lonely easter egg in my book shelf...

Me and my sister did sushi for a first time! They turned out surprisingly well, but it was kinda dangerous game when eating those, since one didn't know if there was wasabi and how much wasabi there was... :D it was fun!

My newest nails. It's so nice to have longer nails, it just doesn't feel right with short.

Neon green zebra is the new unicorn for you

Somehow I have had a slight artistic block. I just haven't felt like drawing... that may have something to do with my studying flows.

lol my hair is almost the same colour as the fur

I have felt somehow happy lately. It's a weird feeling, since I don't even know why. Maybe it's the spring that is affecting me. To be honest, I was like "wow it's degrees above zero, it's warm!!!" and went out with a too thin coat. I got sore throat because of my over-enthusiasm, haha.