Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Vapaana kasvava pyöreä tilanne

Hello again!

I can't believe that there's only two weeks left before summer holiday! O_O yay I like. Somehow time is just passing so fast, it feels weird... But I'm not complaining, I will get my long awaited summer soon! (✧◡✧) I don't want to study anymore, I'm quite fed up, I still have two exams---

Now I have some new plans for summer since I got accepted as a volunteer worker to Animecon X! yay again. If I don't get a job in a retirement home, I will still have a one-week summer job as a art camp assistant again. Aaah I just can't wait summer holiday~ So many things I want to do.

Some new gets♥:
My mother wanted to buy me shoes, the pink Vagabond sneakers. ;__; I'm in love with them, they're my new favourite shoes... I also went again to do some shopping in Matkus (a bad, BAD place, it takes my money away..) and found a pair of pastel blue shoes and sweater. The backpack in the picture isn't actually new, I made some finds in our storehouse; it was my sister's school bag when she still was in elementary school. I just thought it was cute and so I had to take it.
Seriously, I have to get a better mirror or a personal photographer...
....And I found something else too:
 A hoodie with a cat print. It's totally H O R R I B L E. But I love it. How could anyone resist psycho-cats? I'm still not sure can I use this publicly or not... XD
I love the face of the yellow one
My newest nails...

...and how it goes. Just after I said how nice is to have longer nails, my thumb decided to snap. I have no idea when, where and how it happened, I had just arrived home and then noticed the damage. I didn't find the missing piece anywhere... I lacquered it and so covered the damage, it doesn't look bad, but it so short! :<

Lastly, recent.... thing. I sketched something randomly, it was relaxing. I have been wanting to draw but haven't had any time, so I enjoyed a lot drawing this.

I wait summer holiday so I can draw everyday...

And go to picnic, walk barefoot, fry pancakes outside and do other things like that!♥image
ps. this is so good: