Friday, October 11, 2013

Mahou Shoujo vs Mecha Sensei


...Maybe I should post more often, since it seems that things to post tend to accumulate... and I forget what has happened. Studying makes me busy and lazy!
By the way, thanks for the new readers!

Autumn has arrived. On the other hand, I miss summer, but on the other hand, I love the colorful falling leaves, they're beautiful. The sunny days in autumn are best! I could spend whole day walking in the woods... It's also fun to go walking now when it's getting darker earlier.

back to school nails
I almost forgot that I had a third try with water colours at the end of summer holiday. I wanted to try something more "realistic", something else than visual kei guys or manga-inspired stuff. After pondering it for a while, Haruichi Shindo from Porno Graffitti became a source of my inspiration, I wanted to paint something like him. Painting was fun, but somehow, something went wrong. I am not completely happy with result - what a surprise. Too much self-criticism?
By the way, I rarely draw or paint moustaches or beards.image

The paper to test colours.. didn't go very well either ''-.-

The gig of the GazettE came and went.
I travelled to Helsinki with my mother. We took a train early saturday, arrived by noon. Saturday passed, as we visited for example Kiasma.
          And Sunday, the awaited day of the GazettE's gig! I would have queued for the gig from the morning, if I had had someone to queue with. I didn't get anyone to accompany me, and didn't want to queue alone. I felt pretty depressed when I saw the queue early in the morning, I felt like "I should be there too". In the end I was a bit happy that I didn't have to queue, since the weather was freezing. My symphathies for those who spent the whole day queuing...
         Instead of queuing, I went throught a lot of second hand shops and galleries with my mother. We visited also a little shop called Luca Kiosk. I just have to advertise it, since it feels like its existence isn't well known. The shop was cute and staff was really nice! They sell for example Japanese sweets and totoro stuff. It seems that they sell those Dolly wink lashes and gyaru magazines, too.

Nails for the gig, I personally like these a lot. They're a kind of cartoonish!
I joined the queue later than my original intention was, but better late than even later, since the queue grew long behind me too. However, I queued over an hour.
              By the time I got in the Circus, all the t-shirts had been sold (boohoo!) and since the hoodie wasn't my style, I left without buying anything... I got a place from back, somewhere behind the mixing desk. That wasn't the best place, but I saw the gig quite well, mostly Ruki though. And swirling Reita! ♥ The song I enjoyed most was Ruder. The gig was great and the guys were awesome, but if it only could have lasted longer. ;___;

My outfit for the gig
I got a flu in Helsinki. But I think I can't really say that it's the gaze flu, which seemed to be spreading after the gig... :D
          Monday was suffering, my feet and back were so tired. Still I had to walk around so much when we did some shopping. We returned home by train on Monday night.

I have made a few purchases. First in Helsinki, then I went to Matkus shopping centre this week. I lost my heart to these and ended up buying them:

And a new beanie!♥

I visited Tiimari, too. There was clearance sales because of the bankrupt. It makes me sad, I clearly remember the days when I was little, went to Tiimari and bought dog stickers, 10 pennies a sheet... am I old or something.. I couldn't resist so I bought these cute stickers... "Hello, I'm a twenty-year-old university student!" But they're so cute, I love stickers!

I made a finding from our wardrobe again.

Irresistible, isn't it? By the time Spice Girls was popular, I was still too little, maybe five years old, but my big sister was a fan of them, so I guess this is hers. It still fits me! But...

...the shirt says that I'm too old for it! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻┻