Monday, May 12, 2014

You Have No Word


My holiday went by quite nicely, doing household chores, studying and drawing. I had fun but also one very unpleasant thing came up, and I just hope everything is going to be okay. ;__;

But anyway, cakes! If I was one to decide, I would eat cake everyday - wait, maybe not.
a cake for Easter, orange and lemon

Raspberry pie with white chocolate

cocos and fig

I also baked a cake for my mother on Mother's Day. We also gave her a cute pink coffee cup.
These are the marshmallows I used to decorate the cake. The package is so lovely!!image

I'm crying here a bit, because I have to cut my nails short at the end of month, when my summer job starts. It isn't nice, but I can bear it since I'm getting money...

I finally got the new phone! It's pure love♥
See the technical evolution below, phones are getting bigger and bigger... :'''')

...and as the phone got bigger, the package of the phone got smaller! o_O

Summer is here soon~ and I was accepted as a volunteer worker in next Animecon! I just have to get those days off from work.
...this whole post is like compilation of random things again, sorry about that.