Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Your Shadow Is Now Mine


My sister graduated from high school and therefore we hold her a party. First days of my holiday were full of cleaning and baking when we arranged the party.

Party outfit; I love that dip back hem♥

Party nails:
Savory treats:
Sandwich-cakes, Karelian pies and salmon

Sweet delicacies:

white chocolate - blackcurrant mousse cake ♥ mint - chocolate mousse cake ♥
lemon - orange - coconut cake ♥ cloudberry cake

My favourite; strawberry mousse cake♥

...my blog has been so full of food lately, sorry for the all this food porn
After the party weekend, my summer job began. It's wearing me out already... Work shifts either start early or end late, so I'm a bit sleep deprived. I will endure because of all that money~♫♪♬
When I'm tired Playstation is a dear friend of mine. Currently I am playing Mirror's Edge and The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim, and one day played little bit of Grand theft auto V too~

 How real men park their stolen cars - my awesome parking skills in gtaV
But  I like Skyrim most!
Look who is so prettyyyy ;____;
My character is a high elf, pictured while heading to kill the dragon.
....btw, see you in Animecon! image(I propably won't have time to post again before it, so I am saying it now)