Sunday, January 18, 2015

Random Head Shakes


It's January again, and the new year. The autumn (and the christmas) went so quickly, it's confusing.
Nothing has changed. I'm still studying (too) hard. Hating everything and everybody on mondays, after that living the never ending thursday.

Latest purchases:
~It's skin Babyface bb cream Silky~
I saw this on instagram and I just had to get this = an impulse buy? Maybe not, because I did a little research about the product before purchasing. But the cuteness is the main reason, I won't even try to hide it.
I really like the color of this bb! It fits well to my skin color; it's not grayish or too yellow or dark; it looks very natural on my face. The worst thing about this is the light coverage, but fortunately this is buildable; I still have to use concealer though. The scent is really pleasant, it reminds me of a candy. It's almost ridiculous how smooth and soft this makes my skin.
This is a very nice bb and I like it a lot, but it's not perfect for me. The bb is somewhat dry, and since my skin is quite dry, this bb looks, well, a bit dry and cakey. :( I haven't had that problem with Missha... Worth trying anyway, I bet this looks better when my skin is in better condition! The Babyface line has also an another option, Moisture for dry skin - Silky it's for oily skin. My skin is both, so I don't know if I only chose the wrong one...
By the way, even though my face is all smooth and bouncy, it's in the same time dry on the surface,
thanks to medicines and cold winter weather...

that text under the seal cracks me up... Jeju natural mineral - From Nature!
My skin is quite oily, and it's hard to find  a good powder. I have used only Stay Matte pressed powder by Rimmel, which is an ok powder and leaves me wanting something better. I have wanted to give a try for a loose powder.
This powder is very fine milled, translucent (white) powder. It has a weird, but not necessarily bad,  herb-like scent, which I suppose to be the mint. It leaves skin looking very good, the oil control is so much better than in Rimmel's powder. After using this for a while, I'm quite pleased with this Innisfree powder. The oil control isn't perfect, because I start to have a little shine after a couple of hours. But then I just blot, and my makeup stays on looking good very long. I guess I will stick with this for a while!

With those purchases, I received also some samples! It's always nice to get samples.

Purito is a brand I had never heard of before. I think I wouldn't have bought the SNAIL extract containing products myself, the whole idea is so weird XD But now I have chance to test them, it will be interesting!

I spent my christmas Holiday in my parents place. I had an exam right after the holiday so I had to study.  Christmas was the most boring I have ever had. We had somewhat plain christmas cakes this year, I didn't even bother to take pictures of all of them but...

...I made tiramisu for the first time!
It didn't taste good because I don't like coffee, but others liked it = success.

~~~~~I want to bake again~~~~


Since I can use nailpolish only in holidays I should put more effort into them when I can. I was tired when I did these --> boring, sob sob.

Lately I have watched much old anime; currently I'm watching Magical Angel Creamy Mami. I'm enjoying it a lot, it's so funny and magical girls are close to my heart. There are so many forgotten pearls among old anime! I highly recommend to watch Akira, it was so awesome, and so is the manga, and the soundtrack too! The Five Star Stories was also good.

~Having too much self-criticism isn't good~

I'm being too negative.
Our older collegue told us to live but I don't know what that means.
l'm tired, so