Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Beat, Shine and Jammin'


Spring is (slowly) coming!! The sun shone into my room; it was a ray of light, about two centimeters wide! Yay! note: there is very little, if any, sunlight in Finland in the winter
Some finds from sales:

I still look lame
 I know that I have quite many bbs but I don't know when to stop, so:

...I bought a bb by Lumene. I read some good reviews about this and when I found out that in addition to shades medium and light, they have also a shade fair, I just had to get this. I have very pale skin, so I thought this would be good. 
This product feels nice, smells nice, looks nice, coverage is good and it blends well and stays on well. Comparable with "real" bbs! I was really pleased, but then I noticed how dark this was!
I wanted to love this product. I will maybe try it on again if I happen to get some tan in summer...

These are the bbs I have tried this far. The Garnier "miracle skin perfector" bb isn't in the picture since I gave it to my sister. It was a hideous (orange, oily!!!) product anyway, so no need to compare it with the rest.
The picture  below exist only to show the color variation of the bbs I have. Same order than in the upper picture. You can also see how pale my skin is.

From left to right: Lumene - Missha #21 - Skin79 orange - Lioele - It's skin

As you can see, Lumene bb (first in left) is so dark! ;____; Despite being a lighter shade than light!!! The best match for me among these is the It's skin bb (in the right), but due the dryness of both my face and this bb I can't use this currently (I like it much though). Skin79 simply doesn't work on my skin, it looks very weird, while the color is ok. Even though I love Lioele that, too, is quite dark.
I almost felt defeated thanks to that Lumene bb. This is all about finding my true match. One doesn't want to look like someone had rubbed mud on one's face, right? The contrast with my pale neck was too obvious.
....aaaand, surprisingly, because things are like this, I ordered an another bb. (Maybe I should change my blog's name from Another Melody to Another bb cream...) It still hasn't arrived, but I have so high expectations about it.

My blog isn't supposed to be about cosmetics, but bbs and better skin are on my agenda right now, so please bear with me and my struggle.

Anyway, to continue with my makeup purchases: I have wanted an orange blush for some time.
I finally found one:

It's 3 Concept Eyes face blush "Orange Sugar". Originally I was searching something a bit more yellow, but couldn't find any. It's very nice blush; it gives nice color to my pale face. One just needs to be careful to not to put it on too much, it may look dirty.

You maybe see the subtle orange color in my cheeks on the picture below...

..or not. Sorry about my face anyway

I have had so much studying in weekends that I haven't really drawn. Here are some works of past months. Something like my usual style...

...and something a bit different:

I should be more active in DeviantArt. As I have complained earlier, it's so bothersome to take (straight) pictures and colors are always so distorted.
A perfectionist like me can't allow quality like that, but this time I will let it go: