Sunday, May 31, 2015

Dreamy Dream Baby The World is Yours

I'm back from Hungary!
Our trip started by going to Helsinki by Onnibussi at night. Cheap, but not so comfortable, none of us slept well. Then to the airport, flight to Budapest. We stayed in Budapest to the next day,
wandering around the city and its tourist attractions.

On the second evening we took a bus to Sümeg and arrived to the vineyard when it was completely dark. Being completely clueless about the environment, it was awesome to go out to sunshine in the next morning and see the awesome place, full of heady scents of flowers.

So, on the day three, we explored Sümeg and its castle.
I had a nice view for doing my makeup at mornings

A church in Sümeg where we went to get some empowering experiences with free Wi-Fi.

Since it is a vineyard, they make wine there and have their own wine cellar. The wine was good!

On the day four, we went to Tapolca to meet the grandparents of my friend. They are the owners of the vineyard where we were staying. Despite the fact that we didn't have a common language, they were so sweet~
From there, we went to climb to a volcano. There are many (luckily inactive) volcanoes in the area.
The slope was quite steep which made climbing hard on some points + it was a hot day and I was wearing a dress which was very smart of me...

In Tapolca, there was also an underground lake were went for a row with tiny boats.
It was so cool, though I kept hitting my head on the ceiling.....

Later on the same day we went to the other vineyard, owned by the parents of my friend. There we played Kuningaskyykkä and enjoyed gulyás with pogácsa. And the wine, of course.

Gulyás was made in a traditional bogrács

Pogácsa, made by the sweet grandmother
On the fifth day we slept long and then went to Keszthely. There some of us went swimming in Balaton, which is a super huge lake. Water was so warm but since I didn't have any swimwear I only watched. 
On the sixth day we took train to Sopron, where my friend's aunt lives.
From there, we took a train to Austria, Vienna, on the seventh day.
We were sightseeing and couldn't avoid Eurovision, which was held just on same day we were there....

Guniw tools made the music video of Tone there! I knew that it was in made in Vienna but I didn't expect to find the place. Hundertwasserhaus is a popular tourist attraction though, so I guess finding it was inevitable....

And the eight day was a day to travel home.

In conclusion,  it was such an awesome journey. Ice cream everyday and a lot of new experiences.
It wasn't real tourist season yet so we were basically only tourists in many places. People were so hospitable and travelling with frieds was so much fun~
Only thing I regret is that I didn't do any shopping, when everything was so cheap in Hungary and there were so many interesting shopping places in Vienna
(but I guess my company wasn't that much into shopping, so...).

Again, let's see my newest makeup purchases (before the trip):

Innisfree No-sebum Mineral Pact, It's skin Baby Face Pore Powder
and Maybelline Baby Lips Electro Pop Oh! Orange
I bought It's skin Baby face.powder simply because I wanted to try it. It's nice but nothing impressive, works well with Baby Face bb, but not with others... It hides pores but the finish isn't good.
I expected Baby Lips Oh!Orange to be even more orange so I was a little disappointed. I like the colour though, it gives your lips fresh mellow look.

I like the Innisfree loose powder, but purchased the pact version because I thought that pact would be more practical to bring along than loose powder. The pact also has a handy mirror; this far I have used the mirror more than the powder itself.

Tomorrow it's the first day of my summer job... I'm slowly getting nervous....



  1. Oi, miten ihania kuvia! Mulla on tehnyt aina mieli käydä Unkarissa, vaikuttaa kyllä tämänkin postauksen perusteella vierailemisen arvoiselta paikalta. :)

    Mullakin on käynyt usein reissuilla niin, että ei ole tullut kauheasti shoppailtua kun seura ei ole ollut erityisen shoppailevaa sorttia ja se on sit jälkeenpäin vähän harmittanut. Mutta oon toisaalta todennut shoppailemattomuuden hyväksikin asiaksi, koska sitten tulee tehtyä paljon muuta. Jos shoppailulinjalle lähtee niin sit käy helposti niin, että luuhaa vaan kaupoissa monta päivää. :D

    1. Joo, kyllä kannattaa käydä!! Siellä oli tosi nättiä, ihana ilma ja jäätelö oli halpaa, n. 0,70 e pallo ♥ Budapestissäkin ois ollu vaikka mitä paikkoja seikkailla, mutta koska aika oli rajoitettu niin tyydyttiin kiertämään vaan ne perusnähtävyydet...

      Niin sillä shoppailemattomuudella on just se hyvä puoli että kerkeää näkemään ja tekemään paljon enemmän uutta kuin silloin jos kuluttaisi sen ajan paikallisessa H&Mssä... Oon ihan tyytyväinen, ehtiihän sitä shoppailla, ja kaikki kaupat on nykyään netissä että toisaalta ihan sama :''''D Ja onhan miulla valokuvat matkamuistona!