Monday, December 14, 2015

Purchases from Tokyo

I personally like reading shopping hauls of other people,
but if these aren't your thing you can just skip the following~
 Starting with little things I bought in Harajuku:
Nail stickers are from Wego and the lunch box is Swimmer,
the accessories from some random stores

Lace under shorts.
I already had one shorts, but these were longer and better material ♥

Cute socks from the same shop as the shorts

Lace panel shirt
(which looks better when weared :"""D I should post a picture sometime)

Manga is so cheap in Japan, a new book cost like 400 yen (3 euros),
and in Book-off you can find secondhand manga for 100 yen (75 cents). A big difference compared to what you have to pay in Finland.
But of course these prices are for manga in Japanese.
Hirunaka no ryusei 2-4. These series are one of my favourites, so much doki-doki!!♥
and Arisa 1, mystery shoujo by Natsumi Ando

My purchases from Matsumoto Kiyoshi:
Sweet Sweet Make Up Base Brush On Bright CC - 01 Light
Rosette Cleaning Foam Acne Clear
Ettusais BB Mineral white #10
Creer Beaute Sailor Moon Stick Liquid Eyeliner (Black)

The color of Ettusais Mineral White BB is so perfect♥
It's a great bb, gives you that "your skin, but better"-look, the finish is very nice. It stays on relatively well too, but a miracle is needed to keep makeup staying fully on my face...
What I got playing gachapon:

My Melody and lovely Yuu from Magical Angel Creamy Mami ♥♥♥

Sailor moon strap

I got Makoto at the first attempt!!!!♥

Second hand clothes from Shimokitazawa:

Ignore the fact that my shoes doesn't match with the dress

Only magazine I bought:

When I start, there is no end of cd hauling.
I had to restrain myself and so I bought only following 12:

Billy: Babies, Good bye
Hana shounen baddies: Breed
Guniw Tools: Dazzle
Pierrot: Finale

I'm so happy that I finally got the albums of Billy and Baddies that were missing from my collection ;___; Those guys really have developed as time has passed ;___;
Oh I love them so much~~
Gazette: Dainihon itan geishateki noumiso gyaku kaiten zekkyou ongenshuu
Kagrra,: San
Buck-tick: Taboo
Kat-tun: Queen of pirates

Most of these are from Pure sound and Book-off.
It was like circle closing when I get my hands on Madara, because Ruder and Anata no tame no kono inochi have been one of my favourite songs for so long♥

Oh but even though I bought this many cds I didn't spend too much money.
The cheapest one was 100 yen (0,75e), whilst the most expensive one was about 2300 yen (17e).

I could have bought even more but well...
I'm crying especially after those cheap cds of Kat-tun which I left in Book-off ;__;


That was that.
In conclusion, there was so much interesting things and I could have bought so much more stuff, but just didn't need all of them...
Still, a bitter advice: when in Tokyo, shop in a way that you don't have to regret that you didn't! 



  1. Really cute and lovely things *-* I love these "shorts" and omg ; ; I want Sailor Moon's makeup too!